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The feeling of absolute fullness and slight drunkenness after eating large amounts of turkey.

wow grandma, that meal was fuckin' tryptophan-tastic
by Taco_Exchange November 27, 2007
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A word created to mean 'a fantastic way to fall asleep.'

It comes from combining the word "tryptophan" which is the amino acid found in most dairy products and turkey that makes you sleepy, with the word "fantastic."
"Yo dawg, that Thanksgiving dinner was tryptophantastic!!"
by Snowflake49 December 25, 2011
The absolute best Thanksgiving meal that one could consume and causing one to slip off into a sleepy mode and an extreme dream-like state.(Turkey Zombie)
Jake was working on Thursday so on Sunday Katie made a totally awesome and completely tryptophantastic turkey dinner which required a walk around the block to wake up a bit.
Also see jake + katie
by Katie Marie November 28, 2005

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