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{truth + structure} & {truth + instruction} & {structure + instruction}

also {truth + obstruction}, in the sense of obstructing untruth.

{truth + structure}: the design (of artifacts, institutions, etc.) according to rigorously rational principles; and to the extent possible, in a way that encodes for the communication / perpetuation of the (artifact, institution, etc.).

{truth + instruction}: communication / perpetuation of {truth + structure} theory.

{structure + instruction}: communication / perpetuation of {truth + structure} practice.

{truth + obstruction}: use of truthstructured reason to thwart untruth and unreason.

This definition is somewhat self-referential, but that seems appropriate for a word that is being truthstructurally designed to describe complex adaptive systems and their emergent phenomena. Why shouldn't a word have an iterative function for a definition, as opposed to a static definition. Since when are words static entities, anyway?
America's founding father's were truthstructionists who not only believed in rational principles, but also sought to design the same into the very structure of our institutions. They would be greatly heartened by the truthstructural possibilities of our networked information society.
by truthgirl October 01, 2007
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