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Is result of excessive anal sex, a condition occurs in which the intestines pertrude out of the anal cavity resembling an elephants tunk also know as pink socks
after many hours of an anal gang bang sussie had a severe case of trunk butt
by reliable crew February 05, 2007
Trunkbutt is the slang term for the medical condition known as a prolapsed rectum. This unpleasant, and unsightly condition can be caused by medical problems (specifically bacterial infections) or via the sexual overuse of the rectum through the long-term practice of anal intercourse. In the case of sexually induced trunkbutt, the pulling motions of the penis or other phallic object causes the ring of muscles of the anus to gradually protrude outward. The reality is that this malady looks nothing like an elephant's trunk. It cannot even be considered the closest approximation. But it does take its name from the mighty elephant.
After fifty long years of taking it up the dooker, Big Jim realized he had a nasty case of trunkbutt.

Can you poop standing with your tentacle trunkbutt?
by Trunkbutt April 21, 2003
a condition resulting from recieving too much anal sex where the outer ring of the subjects butthole starts sticking out forming a trunk like figure.
that nasty ass bitch probably has trunkbutt.
by d=rt January 29, 2003
1) When someone mistakes yur butthole for a boner (popularized by the comedian group known as Stella
2) Hemorrhoids
3) Friend's Sofeball Dike's Ex-Girlfriend

"I can feel your hard-on" "No I have trunk butt"
by Laceymaloo August 11, 2007

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