To be fired, a la the Apprentice.
You're trumped.
by Sparkles March 12, 2004
Top Definition
1. To get the better of someone by using quick wit and clever humor.
2. Owned (see).
Your sorry ass just got trumped!
by Miryam Websta April 25, 2004
Telling random people that they're fired for no reason.
Hey stranger! YOU'RE FIRED!

Looks like I just got Trumped.
by Barack Osama51 October 14, 2015
To prove correct over someone who denies validity of a common goal.
When Jason did not know what to do and said it could not be done, I took the proven answer and trumped him.
by Spurlin October 04, 2007
When Donald Trump releases your phone number or other personal info to the press.
Did you see the news? I got Trumped today and my cell is blowing up!
by bkrocket August 24, 2015
to make your hair like Donald Trump's.
Man, Jake's hair really got trumped at Great Clips the other day!
by thatcrapman October 23, 2015
To be shouted down by a repulican stooge who is factually innacurate and hateful, yet highly infulential. This person is misguided and only motived by the sheer energy of the situation - like a moth to a flame. This person is acually often blissfully unaware that they are actually put a great personal risk by the very political polices s/he espouses. To "trump" someone only causes divisivness and entrenched attitudes allowing for a dysfuntional self-perpetuating cycle based only purely on emotion reactions.
I'm tired of those republican stooges reveling that they trumped someone on FB.
by the polish falcon October 18, 2015
To be fired.
Did you hear that Donald Trump got Trumped by NBC, Macy's, and other major corporations because Mr. Trump is a racist.
by Liberal1993 September 12, 2015

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