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The act of sticking your face in to a large bosom, then rubbing your nose up and down while making snorting noises. Similar to motor boating.

Bonus if you find any crumbs
Girl: *gets sugar from her donut down her top*
Boy: *looks and smiles*
Girl: "I got an image of you looking like a pig, snuffling for truffles"
Boy: "I would love to truffle snuffle the sugar off your tits!"
by criticality September 17, 2014
The inadvertent, yet violent inhalation of ball sac that may occur whilst one is performing fellatio in the 69 position. This can result in snorting, snuffling and ultimately mild asphyxiation.
Morgan got caught up in a truffle snuffle that left her panting yet pleased.
by melucifer March 26, 2014

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