abbreviation for True Facts

used to show agreement or what you are saying is the truth
Angelina Jolie is the shit!

Tru Fax
by one_fierce_bish March 12, 2008
Trufax is the collaboration of the words true and facts. It is the highest grade of facts and is irrefutable, if someone unjustly claims trufax they are in breach of the law that is trufax and are sentenced a punishment, that can range from a cash pay out to death. With in a group of individuals, there are assigned truth knights, or The Champion Knights of Truth, these are the people who confirm claims, or rule against an unjust claim, of trufax. But in the wrong hands, the power of trufax can be terribly abused, so choose your knights wisely, for they have the power to confirm even the most hideous of truths.
James: "Every religion is a lie."
The Freshmaker & Rippling Rick (The Champion Knights of Truth): "Trufax."

Trufax has been claimed by the rightful authorities, and therefore Religion is a lie. All Religious debate has been forever solved.

That is an example of Trufax at its finest. I will not provide an example of abuse, as it is unthinkable and quite frankly makes me feel sick to my stomach.
by Mr. Rick July 21, 2010
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