Hard, fast, and loud rock music with a political agenda.
Anti-Flag and Bad Religion are True Punk Bands

Blink-182 is not a true punk band.
by Anti Patriot November 12, 2006
Top Definition
A true punk is defined as any person, or group of persons, that are true to thier selves, true to their roots, and never forget where they came from .A true punk thrives on the confusion and anger of others. A true punk stops at nothing to make a point heard and understood, even if disagreed with. A true punk does not take flack from anyone without a verbal, well-rationed, conversation, that could in turn escalate to a brawl. True punk is not a charactaristic of sound, but a characaristic of character. True punk is about not giving a fuck, and living life until theres nothing left. As snoop would put it, "Ball Till Ya Fall"
The members of TDC are the orgionators of the True Punk lifestyle
by Adarkpassenger April 04, 2008
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