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Too Damned Complicated
Write the letters "TDC" and flash it at your coworker while your boss is describing his latest pipe dream.
by Spread the Meme June 18, 2006
Top Down, Chrome Spinnin'
Top down, chrome spinnin'
You see the boss grinnin', I'm lovin' these damn women!
by Balinese Cockfight June 26, 2003
Texting During Class.
Damn, Jed got a detention for TDC.
by Lilli her Excellence September 30, 2011
Techno Dip cruise/chill
cruiseing in a vehical and packing fat lips of tabbacco while listning to techno.
"Mike j are you down to TDC"
by trevor white October 22, 2007
An acronym for the trillion dollar coin that may be used by the US Treasury to circumvent the debt ceiling which would enable spending without limit.
Neil: Rob, I don't have the money to buy that watch--I can't afford it.

Rob: TDC, baby TDC. Put it on the credit card that will never be paid off.
by goldandsilverowner January 10, 2013
Slang for Truth Dare Command
I want to have some fun as in laughing, joking, maybe a little TDC
by hw2 October 16, 2009
Totally Dumb Crew. The coolest Algebra 2 group that really means Tammy, Dijamco, Crhstian. They randomly represent random countries. From the "PHILIPPINES!" to !BEIJING(BEIII-JANG!)" even to !AFRICA! YOU KNOW!" While on the court you can hear T yelling the F word, or D getting an A in Algebra 2, and C going dumb to Gangsta music. TDC is where it's at!
"Dude TDC is the best group... I wanna be just like them!"

"TDC man, they know how to go dumb and retarded."

"Omg, did you hear about TDC... they're toally dumb coones!"
by Jovito Christian Bada April 08, 2005
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