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A set of terms that everyday truck drivers use and are also stereotyped to be used by truck drivers.

Some well-known trucker terms:

Evel Knievel: A motorcycle cop.

City Kitty: A local city cop, same thing as a local yokel.

Local Yokel: A local city cop, the same as a city kitty.

County Mounty (also spelled County Mountie): A county sheriff or sheriff's deputy.

Smokey Bear (or just Bear): A state trooper or highway patrol officer.
Truck Driver: "I was drivin' down the road and on my way to the truckstop I saw six Evel Knievels, five City Kitties, five Local Yokels, three County Mounties, and two Smokey Bears."
Me: "That's a lot of trucker-speak you're using to mean police officers and sheriff deputies and stuff."
by smking59 June 04, 2009

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