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When a closeted GOPerv who rails against teh gayz gets busted for doing the nasty with a same-sexer. Named for Alabama attorney general Troy King, right wing anti-gay nut recently caught in bed with a male staffer by his wife.
Q: “What did Senator Dick Inmouth get arrested for?”
A: “He was caught troyking his aide.”
by Hates Hypocrites July 12, 2008
The act of two or more penises making physical contact with eachother,
specifically on purpose.
I thought Ryan was cool, till I caught him troyking with Bob.
by fubu vs fitch July 11, 2008
troyking or Troy King is the act of dicks touching but it not being considered gay.

Troy King is the current attorney general of the state of Alabama, United States. He has been an adamant anti-gay advocate. He is now accused of having a gay relationship.
We're not gay. We're just troyking.

Those are touching. That's so gay. No, it's just troyking.
by fingers1 July 11, 2008
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