The incredible, intriguing, charismatic guy you should stay away from for “practical” reasons (he works with you, makes you want to do very bad things in very bad places, the list goes on…) Still, you can’t stop sending him salacious text messages and emails (at work, on vacation, early in the morning, late at night…) He draws the “very bad” girl out of you…… And you love it….
“Mmmmmmm, here comes trouble…… I want to throw him down onto the conference table and have my way with him.”
by 579chai June 14, 2006
Top Definition
The inordinately attractive woman with whom you have to work regularly causing you to become incapable of doing that for which you were hired. Will often become the source of rumors by bored, disgruntled, or dissatified coworkers who are generally unhappy with their own lives and wish it were they who were with "trouble."

The hot chick in the office.
Oh, god! I have to work with trouble today. I will accomoplish nothing and love it!
by beltway June 02, 2006
A woman particularly adept at inspiring emotions of curiosity, strife, concern, distress, confusion and a general lack of well being in the lives of all males within a reasonable radius. She is generally concerned with mischief, drama, and producing adequate levels of the aforementioned emotions for her own amusement.

The source of my nickname.
"Here comes trouble" - Jared ;)
by Jess aka Trouble August 05, 2005
A woman who often acts all innocent but is really quite a naughty girl. She likes to stir up all the guys around her then puts on her little halo and says "what?" as she bats her eyes. Often goes by the name of Amy.
Damn... she ain't nothin' but trouble!
by AahzCat April 20, 2010
A trou who's gotten somebody into some serious trouble. This can range from consensual sex in the barracks being reported as 'rape' to escape punishment, to a respect board for making sexist remarks. Avoid these bitches at all costs.
If CDT X reports CDT Y to the respect officer for saying disparaging things about females underperforming at physical training, she is trou-ble.
by cadaterhater February 22, 2009
A fine girl that walks by.
"Looks like Trouble" Used to holler at a girl.
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
the police
"oh shit we got trouble"
by rov3rt June 24, 2004

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