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The mastermind behind The Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews, Ask That Guy With The Glasses and various other things. A shining beacon of comedic genius, you can find the work above at www.thatguywiththeglasses.com
Oh my god, I love Doug Walker. I wish I could have mind-blowing amazing sex with him, made amazing by the sheer size of his...awesome comedic skills.
by Kinkgirl November 05, 2010
City slang used by city-dwelling ghetto kids. Like bangah.
You got it brudda!
by Kinkgirl November 05, 2010
The word your friend uses after they get into a shit situation involving an injury, so you don't get all panicky on them.
Hey man, uh, I ran into a bit of trouble, d'you think you could take me to the hospital. Um...maybe we should look for my arm, too.
by Kinkgirl November 05, 2010
A hood kid, usually a city kid, who (in most cases) likes a fight; this term is used among friends, also as a casual nickname. See brudda.
Yo bangah, what's up?
by Kinkgirl November 05, 2010

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