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troo = true. But it's more of a brotha' term spelled for easier pronouciation.
Troo dat' bih'.
by Babdag July 29, 2003
troo has two uses
1) it can be used as a slang term for the word 'true'
2) it is a generic term than can be used in place of many words such as 'cool', 'dude', 'peace', 'word' etc.
1) Troo dat!
2) Man, that movie was so troo, but I'm running late so troo out man!
by Dante Oberin May 18, 2005
Another word for "awesome", "gangster", "cool".
Or the ghetto way of saying "true"
"Oh man, Avatar was so troo!"
"Dude that black guy over there is so TROO"
"That's troo."
by jonathanistroo March 08, 2010