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electronic pop music
You pick labels, i pick tron pop.
by arrkath June 13, 2008
apparently the artist kill paradise would choose it over labels. whatever that means.
You pick labels I pick tronpop
Listen to the beat bump
by yogabby. January 14, 2008
Tronpop is a label containing Techno/electro. "TronPop" is in the lyrics of songs like Fall From a Star by Kill Paradise.

The apparel of tronpop is mostly black and bright colors. Including light and hot pink, lime green, bright orange, etc.

big obsessions, animals, including certain anime characters, shows, and designs.

most tronpop are sweet and adorable people.:]
TronPop are bands like Kill Paradise, Swimming With Dolphins, Secret Handshake, BrokeNCYDE, Nickasaur!, Shiny Toy Guns, Gorillaz, Amyy can fly and many more.
by TRON(Maggie!)POP January 16, 2010
Back alley slut.
That girl is a tron pop.
by Triceps May 30, 2009

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