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English: Homosexual, faggot in Argentina's slang. It can be either a noun or adjective.
Español: Puto, homosexual, afeminado
Carlos es trolo.
Carlos es un trolo.
by Bishop Nack June 03, 2006
105 38
Se la come doblada
Edu Verone
by Joe Figueroa August 08, 2003
71 39
Trolo is an Argentine Slang for a homosexual man or a transvestite. Usually derogative and harsh pretty much like the english "fag"
C'mon lend me your playstation
- no
Ah shove it up your ass you trolo
by Alec Dunlinger December 27, 2007
32 22
A word mistakenly used by private school kids in place of the word cholo
Lock the car door, those trolos look kind of dangerous.
by Big Worm 818 August 01, 2010
18 18