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Skill at passing off an otherwise troll post as a legitimate argument on a discussion board such as slashdot. The hope is that one motivates many well considered responses despite the asinine content of one's post.
Your troll-fu is good, grasshopper. You have combined the OP's straw man with a very original false-dichotomy to set up your assertion that gays should be neutered.
by LaskoVortex July 10, 2008
Troll-fu: The degree of a person's skill in trolling discussion boards in order to receive hostile responses.
Taken from a politics discussion board: "Warning! This book is NOT for Liberals or anyone else who ‘supports the troops, but not the war’. I would not want to be responsible for Liberals going nuts trying to justify their hypocrisy and phony patriotism while reading this book."

This troll-fu would be described as weak and not subtle.
by gregario September 05, 2007