The thing on the world of warcraft ads on this page.
The troll holds the "play free now" sign.
by jkjhkjhkjhk December 08, 2011
A good, respectful citizen who posts helpful messages in chat rooms and on forums.
"You've been RICK ROLLED," says the original poster.

"Well, that was uncalled for and rude," responded the troll.
by Stormy97 October 14, 2011
a bunch of fat kids that have just discovered the internet and use the word troll as an adjective for bad things happening.
1. HA HA that earthquake just trolled japan!

2. Dude this test is gonna troll me.
by Lord Tennyso March 31, 2011
An ugly creature that pops up on the interweb with some controversial and provoking message. Usually comes from a cave with poor hygiene.
A: Have you heard of tamtampamela? That dumb bitch tried to say her prayers caused Japan's earthquake.
B: Don't even bother with that idiot. She's just a troll.
by hapakid March 14, 2011
A troll is a woman who goes into a bar room type setting and is very loud, dresses slutty, typically drunk/high before dark time. they are also money hungry, have some form of addiction (pills, drugs, alcohol, sex, ect.), sleeps with random men every day of the week to get what they want. They are also frowned upon as they walk through the door and are not liked by most men and women. They do not think about what they say or do as long as they are receiving what they want. they typically come around every once in a while and people know the type of behavior that they present while there. usually found in the south and are known around town for their actions
"When the troll walked through the door at the bar room, everyone turned their heads and looked disgusted."

"The troll attempted to hang on every man in the bar room to receive a free drink."

"Oh my goodness, the troll keeps showing her boobs and va-ja ja to everyone."

"I can not believe that he slept with that troll last nite. What was he thinking!"
by Court LeeAnn Saul January 15, 2011
A girl or woman who acts troll-like in public; hopping obnoxiously, eating like a pig, having poofy red tinted hair(usually not brushed), has an unbelievably HUGE appetite, mooches off of so called "friends" or colleges, nasty body usually fat and or with a celulite tummy, sloppy, easy, sometimes a slut.

TFL = Troll Free Life
Cory: "Man! That girl is a total troll... nasty!"
Jim: "Yeah I know, what a turn-off."

Jim: "Ew look at that fat troll hopping around in the hall."
Cory: "Gross. She should get that crazy hair thinned or somethin."

Jim: "Mhm, halleluijah!"
by Trollz Slayer December 21, 2010
A basement-dweller with too much time and too little job.
Troll #1: I'm bored. I wonder if Mike's up for trolling?
Troll #2: You bet I am!
Troll #1: Sweet! Let's go piss people off!
by jakyokufishycookins November 16, 2010

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