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a position in which a man positions his balls over the girls eyes and his penis along her nose to resemble a trojan war helmet
steve was fuckin around with chelsea and rocked a trojan war helmet on her
by BMW March 30, 2003
Placing one's nuts upon the forehead while the penis is laid length wise upon the bridge of the nose.
I gave my girlfriend a Trojan Warhelmet last night after she passed out.
by Clutch Haskins October 20, 2006
Draping you wang over the forehead and nose of the unsuspecting victim, therefore resembling a trojan war helmet.
Dude, Jerry was sitting in the chair and I snuck up behind him and gave 'em the old trojan war helmet.
by ECGXChuck March 22, 2006
resting one's testicles in another's eyesockets while receiving upside-down oral sex.
He did a Trojan War Helmet on her.
by Norristonian April 18, 2004
Condom. Trojan is a brand name for a condom as well.
When on a date with a dirty, skanky girl with tattoos, be sure to wear your Trojan War Helmet.
by Crazy Sven February 11, 2003

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