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good people who dont have to escape drugs by turning to reality
Cheers to stoners everywhere
by BMW February 18, 2004
When a woman sits on the beach in a bikini (or nude) and sand accumulates on her buttocks. Named after the actual bakers confection.
Gonna get me a sugar cookie...
by bmw February 14, 2005
a position in which a man positions his balls over the girls eyes and his penis along her nose to resemble a trojan war helmet
steve was fuckin around with chelsea and rocked a trojan war helmet on her
by BMW March 30, 2003
lesbian meter, (similar to gaydar)

pronounced like 'odometer' or 'altimeter', this word is that certain "spidey sense" that lesbians are present
"When I saw those two women talking my lesbometer went nuts."
by bmw March 01, 2005
A tasty snack treat coveted by Strong Bad, but stolen from under his nose by Homestar Runner when he got SB to say something stupid.
Only liars and thieves eat grumble cakes, and those people go to prison.

Just ask the cheat.
by BMW March 10, 2004
Meeve is an evil entity. Nobody knows his identity.
Everybody run!!! The Meeve is coming!!!
by BMW September 29, 2003
A proverb, parable, or short saying that contains variables inserted for the verbs and nouns.
Here is a pariable about success and failure: "Remember, even great directors like Tim Burton still make the occasional Planet of the Apes."
by bmw May 15, 2011

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