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referred to the unkown hero of the late trojan-enz brand condom. Best understood by his facestious remarks commonly retaining to various life lessons in order to dwindle ones self confidence, essentially gaining a belief ensuring his popularity for unkown purposes.

If you have seen or have witnessed his presence in any situation or heard a line that is not in 'examples' listed please comment on this definition.
trogma - "im old enough to be you father...wait a minute, i am your father"

trogma - "helloooo, McFlyyyY!"

trogma - "youd give an aspirin a headache"

unknown - "trogma, u alright?"
trogma - "no, im half left."

trogma - "your as sharp as a bowling ball"

trogma - "what happened to him, he fall ouuta a tree rakin leaves?"

trogma - "hey your voice is gettin deeper, you must be gettin taller!"
by Ichabod Crane II December 15, 2007
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