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A trogg is a girl that is realy beat looking. Origins from the words troll and frog.
"Eww, check that TROGG out!!"

"we are going trogg hunting tonight, for the ladies that don't take much persuing..."
by ShenPoo September 15, 2005
A member of a popular 60's rock band most famous for the song "Wild Thing", taken from the term for a caveman, troglodite.
Dude, didn't they used that Troggs tune in that wild baseball movie?
#cave man #band #wild thing #60's #trog
by Jfa25 August 01, 2007
Short for 'troglodyte.'

1. a prehistoric cave dweller.
2. a person of degraded, primitive, or brutal character.
3. a person living in seclusion.
4. a person unacquainted with affairs of the world.
5. an animal living underground.
Girl, that guy was a trogg. Just stayed at home playing video games drinking beer all day.
#hermit #recluse #loner #cave dweller #solitudinarian
by hannibalooza March 28, 2012
A word used to show positivity or a good emotion/feeling towards something/someone
I think she looks absolutely trogg, i would even say she is troggalicious.
#trogg #troggy #troggish #trogged #troggs #troggette #trogging
by thewild-man March 10, 2015
A rare blingz-ganking lizard, found in some areas of Virginia.
"Damn it! Ganked AGAIN!"
-Squirrel in Trogg-infested George Mason University
#trogg #troggz #gank #bling #lizard
by Dr. Klaus Otto von Trogg September 05, 2008
A PeRsOn wHo tRyS To mUcH To be a wOg(iTaLiAn)
lOoK At tHaT gUrL In kApPa sHeS SuCh a tRoGg
by tAc October 30, 2003
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