N. (feminine) An extremely ugly and/or unpopular girl.
Often refered to in groups as trogs. The actual appearance of the girls it is used upon may vary. For example, trog may be used in a bantering fashion to refer to girl friends only to annoy them.
Negative -> Wow! You're a trog, stop talking to me.

Bantering -> Guy (in group of guys) "Here come some trogs."
Girl(s) (who are actually friends) "Real funny guys"
by BEESH March 16, 2006
Military term meaning to march move on foot for long distance with heavy equipment often over rough terrain due to fat bastards in the govt cutting defence spending year after year Also see tab.
Short version of troglodite meaning cave dweller or inbred or retarded person.
Come on you trogs we have a long trog ahead of us
by David December 02, 2004
An odd scottish man with a tendancy to spout odd words on irc.
<trog> IT AER WINNAR!!!11
by Sharma April 27, 2004
Verb. When a person trips mid-walk and breaks out into a jog to cover up the fact that they are a clumsy fool.
The clumsy fool trogged.
by JoshD July 13, 2004
The unkept people you see walking down the street.
Oh my god, look at that trog, she looks like a washed up, trailer whore! she has bleached blond frizzy,greasy hair, and the hair down there is all stuck togeather! and it just smells so dam fishy. she has a lot of tatoos, and needle scars on her arms. The Trog also has very black missing teeth, with shit breath. OH what a shame I'm seeing more and more of these TROGS!!!!!
by mary anne December 28, 2003
a small demon who can control people
by Valerie October 07, 2003
trog: troll/frog, pretty much an ass ugly person
That girl is such a trog, I can't belive he went out with her.
by sandra March 06, 2005

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