A group of youths who have extremeist views, can be violent and psychotic. The word derives from the word trogoldyte which describes a cave-dweller or cave-man.

First seen in the film "Bang, Bang, You're Dead".
"Look at them over there, they are such trogs"
by Rastnim June 09, 2006
A native American , tends to trog around town looking for more beer and kfc. Trogs were once a proud people.
Look Dad ! A real trog!

That was so Trog of James to eat out of the trash can.
by Joeydre August 17, 2011
Comes from latin word Troglodites, meaning cave man. Derogotory name for Native Americans, popular in Flagstaff, AZ to describe Navajos. TROG is also an accronym "Total Reliance on Government".
Goddammit! Those Trogs never leave a tip and leave a huge mess!!
by Gimp August 02, 2003
Usually referring to an ugly girl. Trog stands for "Total Reject Of God"
Andrew, take your beer goggles off, don't fucking hook up with that trog.
by A zaz April 27, 2010
A scrubby, low income person with a limited worldview, low intelligence, a large sense of self entitlement, and very little ambition. These individuals are further characterized by a passion for monster energy drinks and wearing pajamas during the daytime. Also an acronym for: Total Reliance On Government.
" Damn it, i wish these trogs would stop breeding."
by jimmycakes November 14, 2015
A slutty female. Sleeps around with state beach rats, wears shorts and uggs on a daily basis. Will suffocate you with perfume. Trogs usually spend there time at the beach, hanging out in downtown carlsbad, smoking, and sneaking out at night to party with the RATZ. Hardcore trogs have lots of sex, ditch everyday, and do ecstasy/shrooms/acid everyweekend.
Dude, have you seen that blonde chick? straight trog!
by notsomeoneforanyone November 12, 2009
1. A slur for a non-transhumanist.

2. Someone who fails to transcend, and indeed ciscends, or exhibits ciscendant behavior.

3. A slur for a theistic, spiritual, or religious person.
Look at you, eating Pinkberry like a fucking trog. I bet you've never even burned down a church for sport, you candy ass ciscendant motherfucker.
by trollbog July 22, 2012
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