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1.Slang or short for electrode. Electrodes are small patches of electrically conductive material that can be attatched to the body to monitor vital signs or stimulate muscles.
2. 'trodes' are also the plug part on the end of an electrical cord.
3. Sexual connotation, a dick.
Chris said "dude, why isnt the stove working"? Paul replied, "Hey man, they trodes aren't plugged in!"

"dude, i totally plugged my trode into that bitch."
by Quobe The Destroyer February 27, 2006
this guy above me is an idiot.....a trode is a cock that is wider than it is tall
that guy cock is a trode....we should set him on fire
by T0m March 05, 2004
grundle, gooch; area between a mans anal hole and his scrotum
It feels so good to be massaged on the trode.
by AD Nummi February 10, 2003
Trode, a.k.a. dome, a.k.a. cranium, is a process in which a skeezawop, a.k.a. a slut, thouroghly smokes the wangus.
"She looks good, but does she trode though?"
by Jungle Monster January 20, 2005
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