1) Takes place of a swear word giving it a stronger meaning.
2) The nastiest monster in this planet. It eats out McDonalds AND including the building and her children.
3) When you order 10 of everything at McDonalds.
4) Something someone says when they are constipated and trying to push it out saying "TRIXXXX!".
5) A woman with REALLY SAGGY titties, that her bellybutton is between her tits.
6) The biggest whore ever. She will try to take your man until she cant anymore.
7) Another word for blue waffle.
8) Something really nasty, you just cant look at it or touch it with a 50 foot pole.
9) Someone that has a gazzillion rolls of fat on their stomach.
10) Something you shove in your butthole and scream out "EAT MY SHITT."
"My dog took the nastiest TRIX ever!"
"I gotta take a trix, dude."
"EW, its Trix."
"I was gonna bone a girl the other day, but she had a trix.."
"i need to trix so bad."
by ppokeeeeeeeeeeee0 January 05, 2012
Top Definition
that cereal those kids wont give to that damn rabbit
Bitch pass the trix I'm hungry.
by Keyser Soze September 04, 2004
A cereal that a certain rabbit really wants, but is always confiscated at the last second by kids who discriminate against age and species.
<Kid> Silly rabbit, Trix are for--
<Trix Rabbit> God dammit! IT'S BEEN LIKE THIS FOR DECADES NOW! That does it, I'm getting my lawyer!
by dj gs68 October 28, 2003
things, overall stuff, life. Usually used to ask someone how things are.
So how's trix?
How's trix?
by Tuto Naranjo August 26, 2005
Maybe if the stupid rabbit didn't spend so much time talking about Trix's fruity flavor and just ate the goddamn cereal, he would probably realize how shitty it actually tastes.
Stupid rabbit. Trix are for fags.
by hmmmm November 01, 2003
A girl who sleeps around or flirts with a lot of guys,

short for Meretrix which is Latin for slut
She a trix

I need a Trix
by Yntu November 08, 2014
1. Someone (usually a girl) who's a tease.
2. Someone who is young and naive.
1. That trix is like those kids who tease the poor rabbit.
2. She pretends to be grown-up, but she's really just a trix.
by Lil_Trixi May 07, 2006
Verb. To ignore/block someone from a RP. Also to hypocrisyze hugely. To be a total female dog to those who are new to RP.
PRer 1: What happened to you yesterday?
RPer 2: I made a mistake while RPing and AyePwnN00BS totally Trix'd me.

RPer 1: Your name is John, right?
RPer 2: OOC: I never told you that. You awful godmodder. I'll never RP with you again.
PRer 1: Oh great. He's gonna Trix me.
by Lady7Fire November 13, 2011

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