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Maybe if the stupid rabbit didn't spend so much time talking about Trix's fruity flavor and just ate the goddamn cereal, he would probably realize how shitty it actually tastes.
Stupid rabbit. Trix are for fags.
by hmmmm November 01, 2003
Instead of using "jokes" or "jox" you could use "tricks" or "trix". It basically means your just tricking the person. You could also say "just tricking" when your just ticking or "just joking" as people tend tp say atm...
"Your not cool... Trix!!" or "Your not cool... Just tricking!!" =]
by Starz Twinkel September 18, 2009
The act of possesing drugs
BIlly just bought a bag of trix
by AshleyAss May 11, 2005
A very mean and disgruntled texan, usually female, who finds pleasure in belittling her mexican friends.
Her sense of humor and feelings led to us knowing she was a trix.
by McGee August 10, 2003
1. A type of breakfast cereal
2. Short for Toyota's "hip" new small SUV/station wagon crossover - the Matrix. A car that despite being targeted towards young people is still mostly purchased by senior citizens.
1. I ate some Trix for breakfast this morning.
2. My grandmother just bought a toyota 'trix.
by Automan November 07, 2005
The illest chillest cereal in the world. But I hate that fucking rabbit who totally ruins the commercials.
When i go to the grocery store, i head straight to the cereal section to stab thumbtacks into the Trix box and pierce holes so that a) I can get free Trix and b) that damn rabbit can get his just desserts
by yaaaard September 18, 2005
A bad manner Warcraft 3 player.
tRiX Er Skummel
by SteeErSkummel June 02, 2003