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Obsession with the number thirteen.

Triskaidekaphiles smile when they walk up thirteen steps, or a ball bounces thirteen times, or it's thirteen minutes past 1pm, or their room is on the 13th floor, or the change in their pocket somehow adds up to a multiple of 13, or the numbers in the licence plate of the car ahead add up to 13, or they find out that the Apollo 13 mission failed on April 13th, or they were born on the 13th, or they look closely at the Great Seal of the United States, or it's the 13th of the month, or there are thirteen people in a room, or someone bakes them a baker's dozen , or they can just about think up thirteen examples of triskaidekaphilia.

The word is greek for 'thirteen love'.

It's the opposite of triskaidekaphobia, which is where people have a problem with the number thirteen. Which is just weird.
by rich13 August 01, 2009