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Most often associated with the song lyrics "dipping your triptronics."
This can mean legs, as in dancing, drugs as in chewing tobacco or ladies as in sex.
by Ace of Hearts January 03, 2005
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A computer generated light effect/show that makes your brain turn inside out and say "hay it looks even better from this angle". Can also be overly trippy picture or landscape, although is most commonly used to describe what is seen under the influence of hallucinajenics and psychedelics. The over all Triptronic effect can be enhanced or simply used in reference to trance, dubstep, drum and bass and other Triptronic music
Dude: Hey man did you see those lazers coming out of the ceiling and covering the croud as the music dropped with the smoke flowing through those shutter lights?
Other Dude: ...... TRIPTRONIC....
by Ivy Guy September 30, 2011

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