drinking term -past the state of tipsy (meaning a little dizzy) but not full on drunk,

e.i having to concentrate on hard tasks such as climbing stairs but not actually falling.
drinker 1:dude are you drunk

drinker 2:nah man just a little bit tripsy
by dom265 August 15, 2007
Top Definition
When you take an extra third hit of ganj, thus breaking the universal rule of 'puff, puff, pass'
Dude I didn't take tripsies!! I barely got anything off the second hit so I just took a little small one!
by Sammy Nutt July 01, 2010
When someone has a psychedelic drug such as LSD, Mushrooms, or DMT and they are not quite "tripping" yet but they feel a little trippy.
Dude, I just took some mushrooms a little bit ago and in feeling a little tripsy!
by Trippy guy June 28, 2011
Feeling eager to arrange trips while drinking alcohol
I got really tripsy yesterday and invited Paul to Greece”
by UrbanBanjo. October 30, 2013
When you are slightly tripping, yet slightly intoxicated from alcohol. So when you finish getting drunk, you do not feel it until after the trip.
Those hippies are always getting so tripsy at those festivals!
by BlazenBurritOyATurnips October 27, 2014
tripsy the feeling you get when you took a trip, like XTC or a sniff of speed in combination with dope.
"damn, i'm tripsy as hell"
by arnx July 08, 2006
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