drinking term -past the state of tipsy (meaning a little dizzy) but not full on drunk,

e.i having to concentrate on hard tasks such as climbing stairs but not actually falling.
drinker 1:dude are you drunk

drinker 2:nah man just a little bit tripsy
by dom265 August 15, 2007
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When you take an extra third hit of ganj, thus breaking the universal rule of 'puff, puff, pass'
Dude I didn't take tripsies!! I barely got anything off the second hit so I just took a little small one!
by Sammy Nutt July 01, 2010
When someone has a psychedelic drug such as LSD, Mushrooms, or DMT and they are not quite "tripping" yet but they feel a little trippy.
Dude, I just took some mushrooms a little bit ago and in feeling a little tripsy!
by Trippy guy June 28, 2011
Feeling eager to arrange trips while drinking alcohol
I got really tripsy yesterday and invited Paul to Greece”
by UrbanBanjo. October 30, 2013
A mix between trippy and tipsy.
A hipster picture of someone tipsy.
Man, that's a tripsy picture
by unknownmodel5 March 23, 2011
tripsy the feeling you get when you took a trip, like XTC or a sniff of speed in combination with dope.
"damn, i'm tripsy as hell"
by arnx July 08, 2006
a sexy guy that's always stoned
tripsy always gets me the hook-up
by jenny April 22, 2003

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