skittles - street name

Cordicidin HBP
Tripple C Hella Fucks You Up! If its your first time only take 8 .... i took way too many 4 my first time .... it hella trips you out!
by ?!?!?! June 20, 2005
Top Definition
an over the counter drug called Coreciden HPB.
Yo, I took 8 pills of that tripple c last night dawg, that shit fucks you up!
by StEiN October 28, 2003
A cold and cough medicine.
First time take 8
32 kills you.
You can die from less.
Easily stolen from stores such as fry's take them into the bathroom and take them out of the box or alarms will go off when you exit the store.
8 for 5 dollars or 50cents each if you buy over 20.
I was trippin on tripple c's last night.
by baby D true mc August 25, 2006
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