A state of mind where one accepts that reality is no longer present, thoughts no longer make sense and that for the next couple of hours many absurd occurences will take place. It is achieved when the individual surrenders to the madness generated by their brain to the extent where they are almost revelling in it, despite how utterly ridiculous things have become.

The state is brought on by consuming drugs with visually brain-mangling psychedelic effects.

If said with a smile, one can assume the user is in a state of blissful confusion and wonder - but if said with a look of fear, one can assume the user is terrified and extremely paranoid.
<Steve> Dave, you alright?
* Dave is looking around at things with a look of extreme interest and happiness on his face.
<Pete> I'm tripping balls mate!

<Steve> How about you Pete?
* Pete is shuddering, wide-eyed, and looking incredibly sketched out.
<Pete> I'm tripping balls mate...
by Strachanman January 17, 2010
When youre pretty DAMN high. Like DAMN you're high.
Dude, I'm so tripping balls right now!
by Germolin April 10, 2014
being a lad.
I was totally tripping balls lastt night!
by TheLad10 July 27, 2010
when someones acting like a douche, prick, bitch, or ect.
no, my mom is tripping balls
by aitheoaeth June 10, 2010
to be in a state of utter panic, disorientation and worry;
freaking out
Max is tripping balls again because that girl never called him back

I'm tripping balls about kiboshing this girl later
by Saashi February 13, 2008
To smoke a joint or drop a tab, and then stick your leg out into a crowded interesection, interfering with the path of any testicals that may be walking past - thus causing them to fall over.
-Lars sticks his foot out without noticing that a pair of testicals are stampeding across the road. They run into it and fall over, spilling semen everywhere-
by r0lb January 05, 2008
The act of making statements or assertions that are considered false by a third party. The third party will then attest that the maker of such statements is 'tripping balls'

Probably originated from reference to 'tripping balls', as used by LSD users
"That teacher has no idea what she's on about, man. She's seriously tripping balls."
by Komatoaster September 19, 2006
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