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A movie theater with 3 (three) different theaters.
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
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Mega sex bomb from victoriaville Québec Canada wich has his name fuckin b4 the boring movie.
Triple-X: i pwn.
Papos: who.
Triple-X: My Wife.
by Papos August 01, 2003
slang word for 30-inch wheels. X is the Roman numeral for 10. Therefore, three 10s = 30.
"Call me overrated cuz my rimz are triple X, errr time I ride by, all you think about is sex..."
by Lysander Minoza April 28, 2007
Stupid ass movie that should not have ever been made...
Fuck off, thats 124 mins I will never get back of my life
by Jesse September 06, 2004
1. hardcore
a) pornography
b) a symbol for straight edge culture..
2. mainstream action feature starring Vin Diesel.
by G-Union 2 July 31, 2004

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