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1. Three baseball or other games played back to back to back.
2. One with three heads.
The Brooklyn Dodgers are playing a triple header with the Boston Braves next week.
by Antinous September 11, 2003

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Getting blowjobs from three different females at the same time. Usually in a foursome.
I got a triple-header at this amazing stripclub in Mexico...
by StripperBanga March 10, 2008
A sports term, referring two three games being played in a row. If you are attending a triple header, you have paid a single price to attend all three games back-to-back.
I tried to sit through the baseball triple-header at the stadium this weekend, but I couldn't get over how much the game itself sucked donkey balls.
by Wingchild September 13, 2003
having sex in three different orifice within a 24 hour period, preferably with 3 different partners
see also "triathlete"
oh man, what a day. gave tim a blow job, fucked antoine and jeanette sodomized me with a strap on!!! TRIPLE HEADER!!!!
by robyn bklyn June 12, 2007
Gettin head 3 times in one night (perferablly with 3 different chix)
D00d i fucking pulled a triple header tonight! Jennifer, Susan, and some other bitch...
by Jesus Chirst, Your Lord and Savior September 10, 2003
To have sex with three different partners within 24 hours.
I scored a triple header last weekend... Friday night I met M*** for a drink, then we shagged in her car. Saturday morning, I met A*** for coffee, and then we got a room. Saturday afternoon, I stopped by C***'s place and dropped a load in her too. Met all three on Craigslist too!
by not really me February 09, 2004