having sex in three different orifice within a 24 hour period, preferably with 3 different partners
see also "triathlete"
oh man, what a day. gave tim a blow job, fucked antoine and jeanette sodomized me with a strap on!!! TRIPLE HEADER!!!!
by robyn bklyn June 12, 2007
Top Definition
Getting blowjobs from three different females at the same time. Usually in a foursome.
I got a triple-header at this amazing stripclub in Mexico...
by StripperBanga March 10, 2008
A sports term, referring two three games being played in a row. If you are attending a triple header, you have paid a single price to attend all three games back-to-back.
I tried to sit through the baseball triple-header at the stadium this weekend, but I couldn't get over how much the game itself sucked donkey balls.
by Wingchild September 13, 2003
Gettin head 3 times in one night (perferablly with 3 different chix)
D00d i fucking pulled a triple header tonight! Jennifer, Susan, and some other bitch...
by Jesus Chirst, Your Lord and Savior September 10, 2003
To have sex with three different partners within 24 hours.
I scored a triple header last weekend... Friday night I met M*** for a drink, then we shagged in her car. Saturday morning, I met A*** for coffee, and then we got a room. Saturday afternoon, I stopped by C***'s place and dropped a load in her too. Met all three on Craigslist too!
by not really me February 09, 2004
1. Three baseball or other games played back to back to back.
2. One with three heads.
The Brooklyn Dodgers are playing a triple header with the Boston Braves next week.
by Antinous September 11, 2003
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