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To triple the amount of weight you are currently pushing.
"Triple up! Trey eight four nickel tucked.
Get some weight on your ass, give them nickels up!"
by JohnDRockefellerThe2nd November 10, 2007
The act of Junior Varsity and/or Varsity athletes forcing freshman/novice athletes to triple or in some really cruel, and unusual times quad up on a school bus. Its generally never necessary to make the lower ranking athletes sit in triples and quads but it lets the Varsity athletes have a seat or two all to them selfs. Most of the time compliance happens but in some not so rare cases one bold freshman will attempt to stand up which usually results in the entire freshman team being octo'ed (8 people in one seat, its possible Ive literally done it to some freshman who could barely walk after it) up in seats so varsity can stretch out even MORE. It usually sucks if you ever get octo'ed up, broken bones are not uncommon in this case. Rank truly hath its privilege.
triple up example:

Freshman: Man these seats are small with only 2 people in them, its a good thing the bus driver doesnt make us triple up
Junior Varsity guy: FRESHMAN TRIPLE UP NOW!!!
Freshman: Do I have to?
Varsity guy: If you don't triple up I'm going to kick all your asses.
Freshman: Yes sir.....
Junior Varsity guy and Varsity guy: Score....
by Varsityathlete111 May 23, 2009
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