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When people hear the name Trinity Collegiate School, many things come to mind. Children of doctors, drugs, alcoholics, 15 year olds who drive mercedes, bmw's, and land rovers. Not only that, these kids are beyond spoiled. They never wear the same thing twice. To them, paying 150 bucks for a pair of jeans named after the number 7 is a "great deal!" Daddy can do this and daddy can do that, its ridiculous.
Ellen: Dad, my cashmere lacoste shirt is wrinkled!
Dad: It's ok, i ordered you 10 more today.
Ellen: 10? That's it? god, you don't love me do you?
Dad: Oh no baby i do, here, what else can i get you?
by Joe February 14, 2005
A private school in South Carolina with a 100% college acceptance rate, usually their first choice. Some people accuse the students to be stuck up and spoiled although they are probably just upset they went to a slum high school and spell the word "acceptance" as "exceptance." When any school around in the Pee Dee hears the name Trinity Collegiate School they will immediately think of the cross country team and track teams which have both had amazing success in the past three or so years, incredible. If one thinks basketball is the only sport that is "decent" at Trinity they should check out the past state championships by the tennis, cross country, and track teams.
Go visit and see Trinity Collegiate School
by gman123 October 16, 2009
A private school in south carolina. their sole purpose is to steal all of a student's money through hidden costs. most of the students there are stuck-up, judgmental, jerks, rich, and think that they're better than you. most of them drive BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, Suburbans, or any other wildly expensive, gas-guzzling, or high quality vehicles. their basketball team is alright but most of the other sports are a disappointment. the dress code is harsh, the work is long and hard, and college exceptance is guaranteed (sorry, no "or your money back." it's already burnt.)
with an education from this place, you can get into almost any school you want and make a great living. however you may turn into one of those judgmental, snobby people. would you sell your dignity? At Trinity Collegiate School, they give you that opportunity
by Zed44467 January 25, 2009
a college prep school in south carolina, the tuition is expensive, but you get a good education. people in this school are not ALL spoiled brats. they just have enough money to afford nice things.
people who attend TCS are often laughed at for how they dress (within the harsh dress code) and are unliked by many public school kids.
West Florence kid: "Hey! What school do you go to?"
TCS kid: "Trinity Collegiate School!"
West Florence kid: "sucks for you!!"
by woah is me! July 24, 2008

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