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In the caribbean (specifically, Dominican Republic)triguena or trigueno depending on wether the person is male or female, is someone identified of three (tri)cultures. Namely,someone of indigenous (carib, quisqueyano or taino indians)african (from the slaves brought over by ships)and Spanish (spain)heritage. It has been used in the latino/caribbean culture as a term of endearment, a compliment but also at times as a descriptive word when neither morena or blanca seem to completely describe the subject.
She's neither black nor white, she's a "triguena".
by Milagros Reyes-Luciano July 23, 2008

Words related to triguena

blanca india mixed mixta mulatta negra
1. (tez) - olive-skinned
2. (pelo) - dark blond

adj. - wheat
campo triguero - wheat field
INFLECTED FORMS: trigueña - adj.
trigueñas - adj.
trigueños - adj.
by Lafemme April 12, 2005