noun: chief motivator behind a given group or activity
Dante A. was the Trigga Nigga of the Pre-Raphaelites...that's clear.
by Songg Righta March 14, 2004
Top Definition
A sub-saharan african american gangster hit man. Evolved from trigger nigger which is the same as trigga nigga but slightly less gangster/ghetto. Usually less expensive than a typical hit man going in fast and furious and leaving tons of evidence, a mess, and no attempt to make it seem like an accident. This usually causes a probable conviction of both the trigga nigga and you. The price to hire a trigga nigga will run you around $50-$100 but can occasionally reach as low as $20 or as high as $175. To make the title complete, the trigga nigga must wield a trigger activated weapon. It does not have to be a firearm though because overlooked weapons such as a crossbow and various other weapons are fired with triggers. He/she is essentially a low budget hit man.
Billy: I haven't see Thomas for a while. What's going on?
Bob: I heard that Thomas' worst enemy knows a trigga nigga.
Billy: Why is that?
Bob: He couldn't find or afford a regular hit man.
by h20clayton August 07, 2013
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