Breast lift surgery (with likely augmentation), full tummy tuck, liposuction.
Dude 1: Yo dookie, see that cougar? Another wonder of modern medicine.
Dude 2: Bet she hedged about $11,000 on that trifecta.
Dude 1: She's bought and paid for and runnin' fo the roses...
by Skipf32 November 13, 2007
when you shit , piss and puke at te same time..that would be the trifecta effect,
my boy got so wasred he did the trifecta effect and shit , and pissed and puked everywhere...that woul be the trifecta!!!
by ms. nake u wipe up ur trifect November 30, 2010
A wolf pack of three, that are decked out in luon and are considered the best friends that anyone could have
Yo, JMK are the worlds best friends. It's like they are the Trifecta
by Luon November 09, 2010
The act of a white girl hooking up with a total of 3 different black men in one night
Damn that girl was crazy last night, I heard she had a trifecta
by grampss June 08, 2010
The fastest way to puke/give yourself alcohol poisoning from beer: in immediate succession, disc, shotgun, funnel. If done properly, 7 beers in under a minute.
We completed the trifecta in 45 seconds, and felt it immediately.
by captain phoenix May 09, 2006
A process used to get the most out of your "weed smoke". A Trifecta is a somewhat complicated process in which 3 people, usually big-time pot heads, are out of weed, but have an incredible urge to smoke. Then these 3 people scrape all resin, keif, and any remnants of bud that can be found in their weed collections. Then someone loads all of the scraped smokable product into a bowl, and hits the mix. Then, using a tube of some sort (usually a paper-towel roll tube, or a bottle with both ends cut off), the person who took the hit will then put his mouth on one end of the tube, while one of the other people will place their mouth on the opposite end of the tube. The person with the hit will blow the smoke into the tube, while simultaneously the other person will suck the smoke in. Then the person with the smoke will do the same with the 3rd person. In the end, one hit will pretty well feed all 3 people! The only downside is your basically spreading out 1 high between 3 people, so the high is not as intense as a normal toke.

**In order to be a true, original trifecta, the bowl must be no more than 1/2 full of smokable products"
1=Person #1
2=Person #2
3=Person #3

1) Duuuuuuude, I wanna get high man..

2) I know man, do you have any weed?

1) Na man, I'm dry..

2) (talking to #3) Do you have any weed?

3) Nope, I'm out too dude.

1) Fuck..I can try to get some keif and resin from my bowls and grinder? It won't be much, maybe 1/2 a bowl?

2+3) Lets do it dude..

1) Alright..we may have to break out..THE TRIFECTA!!, you know, so we can all get high off like..2.5 hits lol.

2+3) Hellz Yeah Man!!

-(talking to 3rd person)
by Blazed4dayz December 20, 2010
1. Fucking a broad in her ass, mouth and pussy during the same session 2. Fucking three broads in the same day
P-Phat performed the trifecta with Jessica last night!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2008
To get drunk. blind , bent, or by any other means fucked up while playing spades (or any other game) and finishing the night by fucking a girl on the opposing team in the same night!
Man I had a trifecta last night. We met these girls, went back to their house got bent, played a game of spades and not only did I beat her ass in spades. But I smashed that shit and bounced!
by jrodg November 11, 2007
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