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the act of being tricky; tricking people; best used with "Bitch"
Hey you Tricksy Bitch, bring my money back!
by Cole November 09, 2003
Adj. Describing the means for females to normally get what they want out of a male partner. They do this normally with either a seductive or foretelling charm of things to come.
"Yeah, my girl friend was very tricksy last Saturday. She got dinner and a movie, and I got a lonely night afterward."

by CrazyBus April 21, 2008
Pulling an ellaborate hoax in order to make someone look a fool. Also can be used after pulling a sly one or sneaky
Sup bled, I pulled a tricksies on dis batty de other day, bare stupido, bit of an id.
by Overlord March 15, 2005
Adjective describing an argument or mathematical proof with many nonobvious steps.
Mary: Did you understand the proof of Mordell-Lang conjecture given in class today?
Brad: No, it was too tricksy!
by automorphism December 10, 2010
Any thing or situation that is unusual, wierd, or uncomfortable. Often Used in terms of an awkward situation.
Can be used as a verb (To Tricks) but is mostly an adjective
Adjective: This party is getting tricksy!

Verb: She said that she likes me, which really tricksed me
by JeremyBond November 27, 2003
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