Its when something happens and it screws you right over. Often it something someone else does that's completely unnecessary and avoidable. The consequences for you are more severe than for the person that pulled the shit. The incidents will commonly occur when you least expect or want it to happen.
Dam that whack bitch behind be pulled some trick shit in my i have to retake.


That crazy bitchass punk drove his car into me.... on the day of my sons wedding....daaag

by chazza1989 May 15, 2006
Top Definition
trickshit means simply just amazing...
you call a person trickshit
Skilled Person
Respected man...
by Lifebot September 16, 2004
Having an almost uncontrollable desire to take the biggest dump/load/shit anyone can ever fathom. But when the moment finally arrives nothing but gas and quite possibly very few shit nibblets fall out.
Johnny had been driving for 5 miles trying to find a bathroom. He thought he was going to shit his pants with 20 pounds worth of crap. But when he got there he realized he had been trick shitted... he farted for 6 seconds straight, struggled, pushed, moved around in a circular motion only to have NOTHING come out of his bunghole.

all he could say was "damn, a trick shit!"
by italo August 11, 2007
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