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Theory saying that if the rich get richer they will give their surplus cash to the poor. Of course this theory assumes that the rich aren't greedy bastards that will horde all their money in banks, spend it on two million dollar trips to space which benefit no one except the Russians that take them there, or blow it all on a Super Sweet Sixteen for their retarded daughters who get pissed that their parents got them the $200,000 car instead of the $300,000.
Factory Worker: Are you going to give us all pay raises since we've been working harder?

Factory Owner: Nope,my daughter want to get Tupac for her Sweet Sixteen.

Factory Worker: Isn't he dead?

Factory Owner: Yup, I had to spend your Christmas bonuses to dig him up.

Factory Worker: What the hell? What happened to the trickle down theory?
by Law, Order, and Reason November 25, 2006
The theory that the views, values, beliefs, opinions and superstitions of the Super Rich can be made to trickle down to the rest of the populace forcibly. Because money is power, as the divide between the rich and the poor grows wider (as tax policy becomes less progressive via policy manipulations), eventually a very small portion of the population holds the vast majority of the wealth. Combined with a chronic and severe lobbyist problem and systematic removal of sane limitations on political ad spending, the result is that vast wealth can significantly affect public policy. The concept of Democracy (one person, one vote) begins to break down as the wealth unbalance becomes extreme. The effect is self-serving: the power of the super wealthy to steer policy grows, as does their wealth, due to their undue influence. The result is that logically-defective memes can trickle down to the population and cause otherwise reasonable people to vote against their own interests and even against the most fundamental founding principles of the nation. Refer to definition of "American Taliban".
Dude A: Why the fuck would you vote for him? He's promised to pass his Christian beliefs in to law and lower taxes AGAIN on the super rich (which includes him, by the way). Do we really want to teach intelligent design instead of evolution in public schools and create a new class of trillionaires?

Dude B: This is a Christian Nation! More guns! Drill baby drill! America rules! We're far superior to those muslim degenerates with all those wacky religious laws. The only thing that would make America better is banning the teaching of evolution, arming all of our teachers, and defining abortion as murder. Oh, and taxes are illegal. I built that.

Dude A: That's some seriously fucked up black-belt-level Rupert Murdoch trickle down bullshit. We're not also banning the teaching of trickle down theory, are we?
by FauxNews April 15, 2013
The theory that rich people will spend their money on either useless crap, or hire people for their personal or corporate businesses - either way, other people further down the food-chain will get paid. Because as we all know, poor people can't pay other poor people. You want a job that pays actual money? The Trickle Down Theory means that the rich guy will be the one to sign the check. The Trickle Down Theory works for other non-rich folk too. They get paid, they go to the store to buy stuff - which means the money goes towards helping the economy, and helps pay the salary of other poor folk. Ok so the rich idiot diva daughters get $200,000 cars, but the guys that build and paint and ship and sell those cars get paid for it. They in turn can pay others who do other jobs and spend money at other stores and services. See how that works? That's the Trickle Down Theory.
Poor Guy: "This blows! I need a job so I can pay my rent."
Other Poor Guy: "Sorry dude, I can't afford to hire you since I'm poor too."
Some Rich Guy: "Hey, I'll give you a job and pay you some of my rich-guy money to do it! You make money, I get a job done, it's win-win!"
Poor Guy: "Yay! The Trickle Down Theory works!"
by Voice Of Reason April 15, 2013
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