Term used to describe an Asian restaurant that is not really authentic or representative of the cuisine of that culture, but there mainly to cater to white people. The flavors, decor, service and uniforms of the staff are mainly there to satisfy the false impressions the clientele rather than give a realistic glimpse into the culture.

Often times these places can be spotted by noticing: really clean (if its a Chinese place), all the chefs you can see are Mexican, all the other diners are white, there are no Asian diners, and the place next door is full of Asians.
Whitey 1: Yo, man, I had some bomb-ass Japanese food last night.

Whitey 2: Fo shizzle? Where at?

Whitey 1: Benihana. Me and my ho loved it!

Whitey 2: Aw man, dat place ain't real Japanese food, it's trick whitey!
by ArabGoBoom August 02, 2012

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