A FPS multiplayer game by Dynamix.A team based multiplayer game with many, many weapon and armor features, it also includes vehicles. The guy who posted before me is a gay piece of shit himself.
by Alienchickenpie April 06, 2003
Sequel to great game Starseige Tribes...

But Tribes2 was flawed in many parts and was really not fun...
The ski'ing sucked, slow game, slow spinfusor, not many good maps, everyone still plays ctf :)... And you couldn't disc jump...

Given a little bit of life enough for me to play it again with the release of 'classic' although still not the best it SHOULD of been.
I hope my response is good enough
by Thomas Copeland February 23, 2004
A game which is full of useless noobs who dont understand, or probably even know, what the word "Teamwork" means.

It's predecessor, Starsiege: Tribes, had good teamwork, and game play. But is slowly deterioating. Now very few servers understand Teamwork and just play to their own un-organized stratedgy-less selves.
Tribes 2's modding community is pretty good, at least the Construction Mod doesn't require what most players dont use - Tactics
crappiest game ever in existence, TRIBES 1 ROCKED, especially SHIFTER
tribes 2 is a game but it's a piece of shit
by Skullsta August 13, 2004
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