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A dino loving kid from converse indiana...
he's a huge flirt, who can't get enough girls, even when he has an amazing hot girlfriend jacki!!!

while he is nice, sweet, HOT, emo, & just plain awesome he is also insecure and leads girls on alot...

so.. A trent-a-sourous is that hot a-hole guy that will give you a great time, make you laugh & feel special, but after he's satisfied he cuts you off... and moves on.. for more prey.. or just goes off with his girlfriend... therefore he is like a dinosour stalking prey.. making him a trentasourus!
This guy was being such a trent-a-sourus sure we had a great time together at the show.. but when he left he left with another girl, & i called him but his girlfriend answered.. i hate assholes like that.. what a trentasourus!...
by that bitch... March 23, 2006
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