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as retard but bigger and thicker
my sisters so stupid shes gone beyond being a retard, shes a treetard
by Andrew Collinson March 27, 2008
A retard who loves trees (tree hugger)
The treetard loves his vegetables
by Republican Nazi July 24, 2003
A person deeply rooted in stupidity. Use: When you want a word to offend people without them fully knowing
Enemy Guy/Girl: Hey Stupid!

You: Hey Treetard!
by maddycatson August 21, 2012
A Retard who dosn't move, thus appearing to be a tree.
Bob: Hey Frank you're a retard, Do you mind if I use you as an example?
Frank: Sure, go ahead
Bob: OK Then, Dont move
Frank: OK Bob
Bob: What A Treetard
by -SaintAnton- December 07, 2007
Low intellect tree removal worker.
Graduated high school by the skin of his teeth.
"Oh, Golly sue, This branch needs to be trimmed. Better call a treetard"
by Jackie Walker January 18, 2005
An individual who has smoked, or otherwise inhaled drugs into a retarded state of being.
Brad smoked so many trees, that he is now a treetard. For shame.
by el hobo September 16, 2008
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