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Another word for 'leaves falling on you'. A conjunction of tree and peef.
Dude, I just got treefed on in the forest.
by mengis August 30, 2006
8 3
1. Large and horselike teeth
2. Teeth that are generally disturbing in appearance
With Mr. Ed treefs like that, the man needs to use a pencil as a toothpick.

That girl look like she got hit by a car in the face with all those busted up treefs.
by D.Cooper September 18, 2007
4 0
this word can be used to mean almost anything. it can be any part of speech, but it's mostly just stupid.
"bitch, you best shut the fuck up fo' i treef yo ass"

"hey, loser, let's treef"

"that mofuka totally treefed her ass"
by ghetto mama April 19, 2005
7 5