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A fatass thigh.(Commonly Associated with Cankles)
Damn! Look at those girls legs. Them some tree-trunks!
by Mr.Finger December 01, 2003
A big fat cock of exceptional girth and length.
Yeah man, she was so hot. When we finally made it to the crib, she said, "Whip out that big 10 inch asian tree trunk of yours!". I was like, "DAYAM WOMAN! You betta call Tyrone! I'm out, bitch. PEACE"
by tbone343 September 05, 2005
A pretty good way of describing someone who has really thick legs. Often accompanied by a beefneck.
Help! My treetrunks are stuck in this gravy pouring from my beefneck!
by megapixel October 06, 2003
Also known as a kankle. When your leg and foot meld into one.
Look at those tree-trunks
by Thomas Caffrey June 21, 2004
A man with arms the size of tree trunks!
"Dude, that trainers arms are the size of tree trunks!"
by AGenius May 29, 2009
tree trunks are a name for a person with, lager legs. And usually beer belly.
did you see beth, she has well bad tree trunks.
by anaonaon November 09, 2011
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