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a tree hugger is a female or male who likes an african americans large penis.
Girl 1: I love black guys
Girl 2: damn girl you be a tree hugger
by josh semi March 26, 2008
33 89
1. Someone who shoots tuna at whalehunters and has sex with phallic-looking branches.

2. Any number of peacelovers, naturalists, vegetarians, people who like Wham!, people who think Greenpeace will save the world, people who are in Greenpeace, people who think that the only solution is diplomatic talk, people that think eating meat is an infringement upon animal rights, people who sincerely believe that the damned cat who poops on my veranda has rights, and that I should not be allowed to shoot the damned thing, people that throw paint on people in fur coats and/or other various nutters.
1. "Mmmm... that is one SEXY tree"
2. "Treehuggers of the world unite! George W. Bush and his evil regime must be squashed!"
by Sham August 17, 2003
32 89
A person who is foolish;likes to annoy
That foolish man is a treehugger.
by Zobelle January 13, 2007
17 76
One who is out of touch with reality,a person obsessed with the unimportant, and ungrateful.a hippie, a naturalist,a fanatic.
Erica Nelson, Maegen Galie
by Tom Grenevich March 20, 2004
27 87
refers to a hippy who carves wholes into trees and has sex with the tree.This means he is afag
Wow look at the treehugger over there
by pimp/doggy.bitch April 03, 2006
35 100
A mother fucking White Guy who humps on a tree and acts like a
George:Hey Saddam arent you from Middle East?
Saddam: STFU you tree hugger! Go hump a tree cause your wife is busy with Blaire.
by White Hater April 26, 2006
22 98