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Tree froggin is what happens to a male when his sack becomes stuck to the inner thigh due to sweat; usually the result of working out.
Man, my nuts are tree froggin my thigh like a sombitch.
by sacajawea's junk January 30, 2006
when your balls stick to your thighs as a result of ballsweat.
When my wife bitches about me "adjusting" my junk in public, I try to explain I'm just "tree froggin" it.
by Raiderryan January 19, 2009
when the testicles become so sweaty that they stick to the inside of the leg, much like a treefrog clings 2 a tree branch
dude stop,i cant bike antmore im treefroggin like a motherfucker.
by chainsawcharlie86 October 04, 2007
Cuddling face to face with your arms/legs wrapped around each other, usually involving one partner sitting on the edge of a bed or chair.
"Tonight we're gonna be treefroggin' like lonely koalas. We will be koalaing."

"Koalas are not frogs. We are treefroggin'."

"I like to treefrog with you."
by fleakfragfry & charizard February 24, 2013
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